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Why stage a property?

I understand that as an Realtor, your goal is to sell your listings as quickly as possible and for top dollar. Your clients are depending on you to sell their house and you have to move inventory to make a profit. That’s how it works. The problem is that the market is competitive and making your listings stand out from the crowd can be a challenge.

To overcome this challenge, some agents spend extra money on ads, or worse, they try to convince their client to settle for the first marginally acceptable offer just to close the deal and move on. This isn’t ideal at all for either the seller or the agent. In fact, some properties will continue to sit on the market for long periods of time without even being sold and all the money, time and effort is lost. It doesn’t have to end like that! The answer is to professionally stage the home with Jennifer Jones Landrum as an Accredited Staging Professional (ASP) for maximum “pop” factor that really makes the house stand out.

Some agents and homeowners think that staging won’t work for their house or that it will be too expensive. The truth is, in most every case, staging enhances the attractiveness of the home and leads to higher offers from buyers. Hiring a home stager is an investment and more than pays for itself with the increase in offer amounts. Jennifer states, " In my 14 years experience staging homes,  my clients has been more than satisfied with the return on investment that I deliver. I currently work with  over 150 Realtors to help sell houses faster, and with higher offers than they would have gotten otherwise."

Please view testimonials that express true satisfaction using House of Chic to professionally stage their listings.

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How it works

The Process

  1. The Realtor contacts me.
  2. A consultation is scheduled   (usually 1-2 hours.)
  3. The property is staged both interior and exterior, along with addressing conditional issues.
  4. The house is ready for professional pictures looking its very best to attract buyers quickly and for top dollar.

The Chic Difference

Since 2006, House of Chic has been preparing houses to present their best when entering the market. Jennifer has earned a reputation of superior home staging during the last 14 years. Her focus is to appeal to a broad audience, update the condition of the property if necessary, and use the client's furniture and accessories to achieve that "wow" factor in every room.

Would you ever sell a car without detailing it first? The same concept is achieved with home staging. Jennifer believes in improving the entire house. Consultation will include interior as well as exterior suggestions.

The way you live in your Home, and the way you prepare your House to sell are uniquely different. Jennifer will immediately define the focal point of each room, and creatively use the homeowner's "inventory" to highlight the rooms strengths and minimize any challenges. Spatial issues are addressed so rooms appear inviting. Depersonalizing and de-cluttering complete the process. Curb appeal is a must and always enhanced. The staging process is completed in a timely manner BEFORE the house enters the market.

Ready to prepare your house to enter the market, or need assistance giving your home a fresh appearance?

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